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CHRISTOFE YOGA is an established organization specializing in conceptualizing Yoga Training to enhance and enrich the quality lifestyle of individuals and professionals involved in yoga, fitness and other related fields of body and mind development.

Located in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur, CHRISTOFE YOGA'S studio offers a serene and relaxing environment,ideal for practicing fitness and health.

Inspired and founded by Christopher Su Kok Leong, the objectives of CHRISTOFE YOGA is to promote the values and teachings to a healthier and improved living. Classes will be conducted by acknowledged yoga experts from India and Australia.

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Body, Breath and Bandha - A Vinyasa Workshop

In Vinyasa Yoga the postures are performed in a continuous flow of movement. Each movement in Vinyasa Yoga is done in harmony with the breath, and supported by the use of Bandhas.

Bandhas are muscular and energetic adjustments that generate and transform the internal energies. The use of breath and Bandhas is the most important difference between the asanas of Yoga and other forms of physical exercise, such as gymnastics. The constant attention on the Bandhas and the breath cultivates focus, awareness and enthusiasm for the practice.

On the physical level, Bandhas lengthen the spine, and create firmness and space in the body, which allows for a safe progression through the postures, even those which may seem impossible at the onset of the practice.

The opposing forces created through the bandhas allow the physical energies to flow freely, resulting in a feeling of mental and physical stability and freedom.

This workshop aims at investigating the Bandhas in depth. We will explore the three major bandhas, Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha and Jalandhara Bandha, as well as some of the lesser known but equally important minor bandhas such as Pada and Hasta Bandha.
An explanation as to what they are and how they affect the body and the practice will precede the practical part of the workshop.

Practical part of the workshop will focus on teaching students the correct techniques to successfully apply the bandhas, and use them in conjunction with the breath in the different types of asanas. These principles will then be incorporated in the Vinyasa practice, giving students opportunity to experience the qualitative transformation of their Yoga practice.

The workshop is suitable for students of all levels, beginners working at basic level, while more intricate poses and variations will be offered to the more advanced students.


Vinyasa Yoga Workshop
Working with inner harmony by Viviane De Doncker
26 to 27 / 11 / 2011
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Christofe Yoga Studio ( Mahkota Cheras )

For further details of Viviane kindly preceed to Instructor Profile or for booking of this workshop kindly call 03 9010 3017



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